Berry Alliance donations

Community donations and assistance

The Berry Alliance has provided donations and other forms of support for our community over many years and continues to do so. Over the last two financial years to date the Berry Alliance has been able to assist the Berry community with some donations as well as producing the Berry Town Crier.

  • $1,000 – In scholarships to students at Berry Public School (annual scholarships)
  • $30,299.50 to build the footpath on Victoria Street outside Showground (From the Tour de Berry annual event includes a donation of $5,000 from the Berry Alliance)
  • $300 for the Berry Touch Football
  • $350 for Xmas lights for the Berry Community Tree (Chamber of Commerce)
  • $500 to Boomerang Bags Berry
  • $500 to Berry Landcare for the Register of Significant Trees
  • $1,000 in scholarships to students at Berry Public School (annual scholarships)
  • $1,650 for calico bags “For a sustainable Berry” to coincide with Boomerang Bags
  • $1,000 to Berry Landcare to further assist the Register of Significant Trees
  • Additional $500 to Berry Forum

Applying for a donation

If your Berry community group needs some assistance in the way of a donation for a new piece of equipment or team jumpers etc. please write to us describing an amount and what it is for. See our contact details.

if it is for more than a small sum then some supporting documentation – bank statements and or financial statements for the last 12 months; project budget projection etc. and the Committee will review and consider it.

Cafe & restaurant vouchers

We also provide cafe and restaurant vouchers to many community groups for their trivia and other fundraising events as prizes or auction items. These vouchers are collected from local restaurants, cafes and caterers in payment for their listing in the Town Crier each month. They get good publicity with the particular community group and their supporters as well as their advertising exposure in the Town Crier.

For cafe or restaurant vouchers just contact us with your event or fundraiser details and we should be able to assist with some vouchers. Please remember, your community group must be registered with us in the Town Crier to be eligible. Learn how to register and download the application form.

Sustainable Berry

Sustainable Berry

Ideas and initiatives to help preserve the beauty and sustainability of our environment, including recycling, reducing electricity usage, plastic bag use, shared pathways around Berry and more.

Community groups

One of our primary roles is to support Berry Community Groups. We do this by offering monthly articles in the Town Crier. Community groups can use this to: promote membership, rally support from the Berry community for their fundraising endeavours or simply to let the community know what they are up to.

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