About The Berry Alliance


Dedicated to assisting the Berry community

The Berry Alliance was formed in 1995 and is an incorporated community group dedicated to assisting the Berry community and individual Berry community groups. This is primarily done through our monthly publication, the Berry Town Crier, which was also established in 1995 by the Alliance.

It was the Community Consultative Body for Council from 1999 until 2016 when a new group was formed and the Berry Alliance stood down from that position with Council. Council then advertised the position and in due process appointed The Berry Forum who are currently the CCB for Council issues.

The Berry Alliance volunteered to assist the newly appointed CCB and offered the Berry Forum sufficient space in the Town Crier to fulfil that role on Council issues.

The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and meets monthly or more often if necessary.

Please contact the Secretary regarding our Rules of Association, as these are currently under review.

Individual membership and group registration

Membership of The Berry Alliance is $10 annually and is open to application to any person residing in the Berry area. Please download the Membership Application Form below.

Please contact the Secretary regarding membership as our membership application form is currently under review.

Community Groups are encouraged to register with the Berry Alliance so we can support their endeavours – for further details of how we can help and to register, visit the Community Groups page. The Alliance assists groups to raise necessary funds, goods and helpers to:

  • Encourage new members
  • Lobby for things that they want
  • Network with other groups who may be able to assist
  • Bring groups together to work together for a common goal.

The Alliance also provides donations and support to the community. Learn more about recent donations made.   

Sustainable Berry

Sustainable Berry

Ideas and initiatives to help preserve the beauty and sustainability of our environment, including recycling, reducing electricity usage, plastic bag use, shared pathways around Berry and more.

Community groups

One of our primary roles is to support Berry Community Groups. We do this by offering monthly articles in the Town Crier. Community groups can use this to: promote membership, rally support from the Berry community for their fundraising endeavours or simply to let the community know what they are up to.

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