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Tracks to the Future

Tracks to the Future is a sub-committee of the Berry Alliance that raises money to build footpaths, cycleways and shareways in and around Berry.

Our first project (2011)

We built a 2 metre wide footpath along Alexandra Street between the Railway Station and Victoria Street.

Our second project (2013)

Built a 2 metre wide “shareway” on Clarence Street outside Berry Public School from Victoria Street all the way to where the kerb and gutter ends (This was Stage 1 and Stage 2 of this particular project).

Our third project (2014)

We built Stage 3 of the Clarence Street project which continued the shareway path all the way to the bottom of the hill and have the road / kerb in the area widened and formalised to aid both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. This was particularly aimed at assisting parents and kids attending Berry Public School.

Our fourth project (2016)

We built a footpath/cycleway along Victoria Street between Albany Street and Alexandra Street. This links the footpath along Victoria Street currently terminating at the Berry Courthouse with the footpath in Alexandra Street into town (Queen Street) and the new footpath we finalised along Alexandra Street to the railway station from Victoria Street. This completes another circuit of footpaths. Now completed this circuit allows on path traffic from the railway station up to Victoria Street then left on Victoria Street to Albany Street (outside the Showground on two sides) then joining into existing pathway up Victoria Street to our new shareway on Clarence Street all the way to the bottom and joining up to the existing path on Albany Lane and Station Street back to the Railway Station.

Future projects are:

  1. A footpath/cycleway around the sporting fields at Camp Quality Park on the corner of North Street and Woodhill Mountain Road. Currently there is a wide footpath from the car park on Woodhill Mountain Road down to the creek and around to the Skate park and car park outside the tennis courts. We would like to complete this circuit by building a footpath/cycleway around the other section of the oval to join this all up into a circuit. Currently this is on hold to see how far the new footpath along North Street will go at the Woodhill Mountain Road end. We are requesting the RMS / Fulton Hogan to complete that footpath all the way to Camp Quality Park to link up with the circuit around two sides of the playing fields.
  2. Assisting the Berry Trails Project with their establishment and project.

These two projects have been previously investigated and prioritised by the Tracks to the Future Committee and the first one has been endorsed through Community Forums and we are hopeful that we can get the Berry Trails one considered and endorsed and commenced following the 2017 le Tour de Berry; a very exciting prospect so please assist us in any way you can.

Rick Gainford for Tracks to the Future and le Tour de Berry Committee